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South Dakota Early Childhood Enrichment
Orientation to Childcare Series

The Childcare and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act of 2014 included changes that have impacted South Dakota families and childcare providers. As part of the law, childcare providers need to complete orientation training related to specific health and safety training topics. Newly hired childcare staff or newly registered family childcare providers will need to complete orientation training within 90 days of hire or registration date.

Early Childhood Connections is committed to supporting providers in meeting this requirement by offering information regarding the Orientation requirements as well as resources to assist you in accessing orientation training. We all want to make children's health and safety a priority in South Dakota. Together, we can work to make that happen.

Many Orientation topics (1 through 12 below) are available online 24/7 through on-demand courses. For help with online Orientation classes and transcripts for topics 1 through 10, contact the Family Resource Network at
605-688-5730. Topic 11, Child Abuse, can be taken through the DSS website. CPR training is available through ECC. See our Professional Development Catalog for scheduling.

Orientation Topic Areas

The following topic areas are required for Orientation training

1. Prevention & Control of Infectious Diseases

2. Safe Sleep Practices & Reducing the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

3. Administration of Medications in Childcare

4. Preventing & Responding to Emergencies Due to Food & Allergic Reactions

5. Providing a Safe Environment in Childcare

6. Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome & Abusive Head Trauma

7. Emergency Preparedness & Planning for Childcare Programs

8. Handling & Storage of Hazardous Waste Materials and the Disposal of Bio-Contaminates

9. Appropriate Precautions for Transporting Children

10. Child Development

11. Recognition & Reporting for Child Abuse & Neglect

12. Basic First Aid for Childcare Providers

13. CPR Certification

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